Influence of peer pressure on abroad study Aspirants

Influence of peer pressure on abroad study Aspirants

These days, everything changes in a split second. From deciding what to eat to making important decisions, peer pressure has always been a factor. Don’t you think that in a world that is changing so quickly, Influence of Peer Pressure on Abroad Study Aspirant is the driving force of majority of your life decisions?

As an Study abroad aspirant you might be in a state of confusion right?  You might be bombarded with a lot of advice from your peers, colleagues, seniors, family members regarding right measures to start your overseas journey and so on and so forth. Let’s look out how to handle this peer pressure from becoming a major hindrance in study abroad decisions. 

Tips to handle peer pressure: 

  • First & foremost thing is to take advice from the experts who are guiding fellow students like you in their study abroad journey. They will help you take profitable as well as calculative actions.
  • You are also aware that fact and popular opinion are two entirely different things. Since many criteria, like your goals, family background, money, and skill level, are taken into account when choosing the best university and study abroad location. 

As counsellors, we value our relationships with the students. It enables us to develop a customised path in accordance with the demands of the moment and gain a deeper understanding of their life values, aspirations, and current situation.

There’s no doubt that everything has its own pros and cons 

Pros of consulting a counselor
  • A two-way relationship works wonders. When a student shows faith, trust towards the counsellors, it helps them show you a guiding light. 
  • You have a mentor to clarify all your doubts 
  • You get a more realistic and practical approach regarding pre and post abroad study journey
  • You get the opportunity to learn more about the precise steps involved in beginning your study abroad trip.
Cons of consulting counselors
  • Connecting to multiple counsellors at once may make it more difficult for you to decide on the best place and university.
  • It can be difficult to locate the proper counsellor who understands your viewpoint and who you can be transparent with.

What is your take on this?  Do you also feel influence from external factors can distract your focus & create mental hindrances in your study journey abroad? Let us know in the comments section below what issues you are facing. We are here to help you out from this dilemma.  

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