study in AUSTRALIA

What makes Australia an ideal destination for study is academic excellence, quality of life and multiple options suiting your budget.

Cost of tuition fees & LIVING :

Average Fees and Living expenses per year 
Tuition fees – INR 17.19 lakhs
Living expenses – INR 5.28 lakhs
Tuition fees – INR 14.04 lakhs
Living expenses – INR 5.28 lakhs
Tuition fees – INR 18.14 lakhs
Living expenses – INR 5.28 lakhs
Australia with its wide open spaces of outback bush and lively ecological environment has much more to offer than the usual expectations. It has become an educational hub for International students mainly due to its friendly, easy going and an excellent education system.
1) Growing Popularity :
Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for the International students because of the quality of education, cultural diversity and value for money in terms of standard of living.
2) Post-Study Work Permit :
Among the most competitive countries offering quality education, Australia is one of the only countries to offer upto 2 years of post-study visa for the undergraduate students and upto 4 years of post-study visa for the post-graduate students.  So the International students perceive this as an opportunity to achieve Australian permanent residency.
3) Post Study Visa :
Usually post study work visa is granted for 2 years and additional 2 years is granted in areas classified as ‘Inner regional Australia’ or ‘Very remote Australia’
4) Internships :
The new visa rules under Visa Subclass 500 shall allow the students to work upto 40 hours in a fortnight while the course is in session and for unlimited hours when the course is not in session (during breaks). The only provision is that the students cannot start working until the course commences.